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My name is Bj as most people call me. I am 54 years old and would like to have a loan or some type assistance for the Holidays-for Christmas for my daughter-17, grandchildren age 2 (female), 2(male), and 16 (male). I am currently renting a home that is in need of repairs-very cold during the winter, and hot during the summer. My goal is to try to purchase a home within the next year, attempting to improve credit. I have assisted so many people in the past and now that i am in need I have no one to help. I am currently employed full time-times are so difficult until all i can do is pray and wait. I pray daily for a financial blessing. I struggle each month wiht a high utility bill and last month my utilities were diosconnected for a week for non payment-it was hurtful for me to have my daughter sleep in the home for a week without utilities. I struggle each day to get back on the right track financially, and hopefully I will. Thank you allowing me this opportunity to vent.

I would someday like to meet a man that is interested soley in me for who I am. He must love the Lord with all of his heart and must be honest. Please respond and than you. I don't know how long my email account would be good for-as the bill is way pass due.  

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Just a thought! i am not sure where you are located in florida, but I do know that the salvation army can help with electric bills! They typically will pay once it is past do, or if it is shut off! They areonly given so many funds each I would call and find out how to get on the list, or when to call on funding day! If they can't help, then ask them if they know where u can get the help! I hope this works for you!!!

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